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Our simple Maxpack pouch is sleek and straightforward to use - with a smooth zipper and D ring so you can attach it to whatever you'd like. You can also put whatever you'd like too - gum, keys, secret love notes, extra poop bags (for you or your pup)....truly anything. No limits!

Have messy or crumbly treats? No problem! Our pouch will hold it for you and when finished, it's incredibly easy to clean or wash. Simply rinse with water and the water-resistant material (same material we use for our tote bags) and any mess will come right off.


-Dimensions 5.25"x7"

-Water-resistant material


-D-ring for easy attachment  

Customer Reviews

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I love the pouch!

It is simple, chic, & functional. The way things look matters to me. I put it in my coat pocket with the zipper open & just reach in for a treat. No crumbs in the pockets of all my clothing! & I love that it’s washable.

Life Changing Products!!

I adopted a dachshund/beagle mix in May of 2019 and it was tough to find a bag to transport my pup on the NYC subway. I found MAXPACK.CO and I am HOOKED. These products are life changing.

The tote bags are not only comfortable for my pup, fashionable, and lightweight, but they also have so many pockets. I’m seriously considering buying one for work that my pup doesn’t get to enjoy.

I just bought the MAXPACK.CO pouch and again, it’s life changing. I cut up treats and put them inside. It hooks right to the leash and weighs almost nothing. I am so exited to buy more pouches in different colors to separate and categorize our treats.

Look no farther than MAXPACK.CO